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We are proud to announce the very first Sheerluck book is to be published by the Priory Press.  ‘Sheerluck’s 7 Mysteriously Mysterious Mysteries Of The World’ is going to be huge!

Click here to visit this Isle Of Man publisher's website so you can keep up to speed with all the exciting details.

Sheerluck Watson and his sidekick (and sister) Jenny Watson are a crime fighting duo like none other before. He is a master of brilliant scientific deduction and pure jammy luck, she is...someone he is related to.

‘Cold and calculating, cunning and competent’ – Just one of the many epitaths no one has ever attributed to Sheerluck.

He’s usless. Worse than useless, he’s dangerously imcompetent. But, for whatever reason the great God of flukes thinks amusing, Sheerluck ALWAYS cracks the case.

Whether it’s ‘The Adventure Of Who Ate The Last Pot Noodle?’ or ‘The International Diamond Smuggling Cartel What Nicks Diamonds’ or ‘Do Aliens Really Exist?’ Sheerluck will solve the problem by nothing other than pure luck.

Click HEREto check out the Sheerluck Crowdfunder campaign to launch his cartoon career


Too early for crime busting. Lie in instead.

@northernholmes LOL. Where was that found? Is it in a book? Sheer

RT @DrWhoWorldwide: Released on this day in 1993, Timeframe. One of the books that guided my wonder at the Doctor Who world as a child. T…
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